My very first Blog entry

Well, well, well….I always wanted to start a blog but I never really knew what to write about. I always thought it isn’t worth it because noone will read it anyway. But you know what? It’s now or never! And who cares if people are gonna read it or not? I’ll just do it for me. If people read it, fine! If not? Fine as well. Anyway what is it I wann write about? I think it’s gonna be a mix of everything that comes to my mind in the different situations life throws at me. I’ll try to be brutally honest and tell you guys what is going on. The main topic will probably have to do with all things travel. I do not know where life is going to take me yet, but that’s the adventure, am I right?

I started to write poems in my free time and I also started to write little passages which I call “Food for Thought”. These are things I am thinking about and are important for me in this specific moment. I will probably post some of them every now and then. So do not expect this blog to go towards a specific direction. If you read articles about what is important in starting a blog, they mostly tell you that you need to concentrate on a specific topic, like travel, and stick with it to be successful. Well, you know what? I never do what I am told, so this blog is gonna have a little bit of everything. Have fun reading and enjoy life :)!